New: Routing to a Mix Bus

Our customers like the clean and simple interface Traverso offers, so adding routing to Traverso and still keeping the interface clean and concise was certainly a challenge!

After a lot of hard work in collaboration with a key customer we’d like to show you some screenshots where a ‘Mix Bus’ was added (here called midi mixdown) and the brand new configuration dialog for Tracks/Buses where the routing can be managed.

In this example, the tracks that recorded audio from a midi sequencer are sending post fader to a Mix Bus called midi mixdown which in turn is sending post fader to the Sheet Master Bus.

The benefits are of course that it is now possible to manage the sound of all ‘midi tracks’ by adding plugins or applying gain envelope, fader and or panning to the Mix Bus ‘midi mixdown’

NOTE: this is still in development and thus NOT available in the stable release of Traverso
NOTE2: The midi tracks in this example do not imply Traverso supports midi since it does not. Jack was used to record from a midi sequencer.