Traverso git stable again

We’re happy to announce that the development version of Traverso is no longer randomly crashing, and we encourage users of Traverso trying out the new features that will be part of the next release

For that you need to compile Traverso from source. Download the source code from git and follow the compile instructions.

The source code is hosted at savannah:

Notable new features

  • Upgraded shortcut system to be much faster and easier
  • Shortcut help widget, showing available shortcuts
  • Shortcut configuration, define your own shortcuts
  • Context Menu actions fully usable with Traverso’s contextual mouse/keyboard usage
  • AudioTrack to Bus Track routing, apply gain/pan/plugins on the mixed signal
  • Track edit dialog to easily update input/output routing
  • VUMeters per Track to easily keep track of your signals
  • Per Track Gain Envelope
  • Full keyboard navigation: Use arrow keys to navigate to Tracks/AudioClips/CurveNodes for extreme fast editing

Your feedback counts

All new features were developed in close relationship with our users, your feedback will result in a product that suits your needs!

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  1. Hello, I’m a student of sound major in a university and a Programming enthusiast.
    I am still reading the code to familiarize myself with the overall structure and coding style of the software.
    At the same time, I also tried to make minor modification to the code to add some new features.
    Such as add jog() in class Scroll and modify the SheetView set_slider_position funciton to support middle mouse drag-navigation upon sheet; Using Ctrl+mouseWheel to zoom etc.

    The following feature is what I exploring to archieve
    – audio clip corss fade
    – reference video track(avutil?), and the smpte time code, video frame rate etc
    – make the multichannel panner as native plugin, so it can support multichannel monitor\export(5.1 etc.)

    Its an Amazing software, Thank you!

    1. Hello ShiRenzhi,

      Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated!

      Nice features you want to work on, I think specifically audioclip crossfade will be much appreciated by many of our users, I’m curious on how you want to implement it, it’s something I worked on couple of times but never got it to work the way I wanted it to so eventually dropped it.

      A number of developers have worked on Traverso code before, the process is simple, submit patches and if they adhere to the coding standard they will be accepted upstream, once you are familiar with the coding you can become a member of the Traverso team if you want to.

      I’m regularly on irc #traverso , I can help you there if you have any questions.


  2. I am very glad to see that the development of Traverso continues. I had to spend two hours just installing the required libs for compiling the GIT version of Traverso on my rather fresh Ubuntu install – I was definitely excited to try out what the state of Traverso is now. I followed very closely the GIT commits around 2012 and actually recorded music with the development version of Traverso. I really liked the “soft focus” approach and the uncluttered interface (I missed metering for the plugins the most, along with the new plugins being most LinuxVST, and that probably made me quit trying to use Traverso for “anything that serious”).

    Unfortunately, the latest version on GIT still crashes a whole lot and the JACK DSP load is mysteriously high (I’d say 3-5 higher than with other DAWs when running similar projects). The CPU meters on Conky with my setup indicate a very light load though, so it’s hard for me to tell what the problem is. It seems to have more to do with the number of clips playing at the same time than plugins taxing the system. The earlier GIT stuff did not have these type of problems on the systems that I was using back then, but then again, I don’t think I used Traverso on anything else than 32bit systems and the old straightforward “jackd” stuff.

    Honestly, I feel that there’s so much that you’d still have to fix with the development version that you should consider simply adding some of the already completed features (VU meters, the master bus, keyboard shortcut editor etc.) to the stable version and release it instead of keeping all those features in “limbo”. That way more people would be willing to try the program, spend more time with it and realize what they’ve been missing all along when they haven’t been using a soft-focus based GUI for their DAWs.

    Just a suggestion. You should do whatever you want, of course 🙂

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