Traverso-DAW is a digital audio workstation (like GarageBand) designed to be an extension of your creativity and workflow. Compose, record and edit your audio with an unprecedented speed and ease as you’ve never experienced before

Development of Gain Envelope on AudioClip and Track

With Traverso you’ll be able to record a mic into a single Track or to as many as your hardware can manage. Save your recordings as plain wave files or directly into a compressed audio file format like ogg or wavpack to save on storage space without a compromise in audio quality or import wav, ogg, flac, mp3 or wavpack files with any samplerate and mix them freely, Traverso will take care of all the conversions

If you value editing speed then Traverso is the tool for you. The initial learning curve will pay you back many times when you save lots of time by using the fast mouse + keyboard control which Traverso is renowned for.

Unlimited un/redo capabilities including non-destructive editing with a rock solid audio engine makes for instant feedback on your work. Safely modify any parameter during playback/recording for a very pleasant work environment

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