Installation instructions

Download the installer with the link below. Double clicking on the downloaded file will start the installation process.

Traverso 0.49.1

The latest traverso release is available for download and we very much like to know from you if it runs fine, or if there are any issues. If so, please let us know by adding a bug in the bug tracker! with a detailed description of what you got and what you expected to see/happen. Thanks!

If you want to get into contact, feel free to join the forum and ask your questions or give suggestions!

Here is the link to the Download Folder

Traverso unstable

The next version of Traverso is available here. The curious user is encouraged to try it out, but note that it is not considered production ready!

The main purpose of this 'experimental' installer is to give you the opportunity to test the latest and greatest and give us feedback in the forum or directly in the irc chat channel #traverso