Screenshots from the Traverso GUI

Screenshots Traverso 0.40.0 and 0.42.0

  • Medium-contrast theme  » Click to zoom ->

    Traverso 0.42.0 features 3 new build in themes, and this one will probably please many users who like a higher contrast then the default, Traverso Light theme.

  • Ubuntu-theme  » Click to zoom ->

    The seconds theme added to Traverso 0.42.0 will please Ubuntu users a lot, specially those that use Gnome. Besides the different color, a lot of work went into improving the Waveform painting speed and quality.

  • Gain Curve (automation)  » Click to zoom ->

    Gain Curves for AudioClips are already there. Moving, adding or deleting Curve Nodes are a breeze with Traverso's soft-selection!

  • On the fly sample-rate conversion  » Click to zoom ->

    Traverso >= 0.42.0 supports mixing audio files of different sample-rate. The Settings menu features an easy accessible sample-rate conversion quality submenu, with which you can change the conversion quality run-time (i.e. no need to restart Traverso or reload the Project) The 'Best' quality requires a lot of cpu as you can see, so the default is Medium quality which has already excellent quality!

  • Creating a new project  » Click to zoom ->

    Let's start with creating a new project. Existing projects can be exported to serve as a template for new projects, see the Template combobox! It's advised to give a short description for the project, which will show up in the 'Open project dialog'!

  • Correlation and FFT Meter in action  » Click to zoom ->

    Traverso features 2 built in analysis plugins, a Correlation or Stereo meter, and an FFT Spectrum meter with the well known windowing functions Hanning, Hamming and Blackman. (Gnome screen shot)

  • Settings Dialog  » Click to zoom ->

    Traverso features an easy to use Settings Dialog where you can choose the driver of your choice, change the look and feel, or select a (custom) theme or keyboard mapping. The defaults have been carefully chosen, and will please most users. (Gnome screenshot)

  • LV2 Vinyl plugin  » Click to zoom ->

    Traverso 0.40.0 supports the emerging LV2 plugin standard, and we see here the Vinyl plugin from the swh plugin package in action. (Gnome screenshot)

  • Small window, still very usable!  » Click to zoom ->

    Traverso makes optimal use of the real screen estate which we see clearly here. The Audio Clips are locked down for moving, so we can't accidentally move them. CD Markers are in place too, with which we can burn a CD right from Traverso! (Mac OS X screenshot)

  • Plugin Selector  » Click to zoom ->

    A nice view on the Plugin Selector, and a number of plugins loaded to a track. it makes the inteface looking fancy, no ? Also a clear view on the History view which can be used to quickly jump back and forth to a certain point in history! (KDE screenshot)

  • Multitrack ?  » Click to zoom ->

    Rendering to wav, aiff or flac with or without normalization applied. When using the CD Markers Traverso is also able to Burn your project to a CD! (KDE screenshot)

  • Burning your project to CD  » Click to zoom ->

    The integrated CD toc editing and burning facilities makes Traverso an excellent choice to for example import or record a very long recording (e.g. from a conference), and quickly make it ready for burning on a CD! (KDE screenshot)