Compilation requirements

You need the following libraries / programs installed on your system to compile the stable or cvs version:

  • gcc g++ make cmake
  • Qt >= 4.3.1
  • ALSA support: libasound (ALSA)
  • Jack support: libjack
  • LV2 support: librdf and librasqal
  • fftw3
  • libsndfile >= 1.0.12
  • libsamplerate
  • libwavpack
  • libogg libvorbis
  • libflac++
  • libmad (Optional for MP3 read support)
  • liblame (Optional for MP3 write support)

If your distribution doesn't have Qt >= 4.3.1, you'll have to compile it yourself!

It's very easy to do so, you can get the sources from the Qt website. Read the Install file, and depending on your system, you will end up with Qt4 libraries within an hour!

Please make sure you use the qmake provided by Qt4 (qmake version 4, on (K)Ubuntu it's named qmake-qt4).
For those who can't seem to find the qmake program in their package installer, it's supplied by the qt-dev package!