Compilation requirements and instructions

Before starting to compile the source code either from a source tarball or from a git checkout, make sure you have the dependencies installed on your system, see the requirements page for all dependencies.

Windows needs some additional libraries, see the compilation on Windows page for details.

Compiling the source

Unpack and extract the archive (on Windows you e.g. can use a program like 7-Zip), or change directory to traverso when using a git checkout.

$ tar -zxvf traverso-x.x.x.tar.gz  (x.x.x. be the version number)
$ cd traverso-x.x.x/

Create the build files, and start the compilation process:

$ cmake . (Note the dot!)
$ ccmake . (Optional, if you want to change compilation options)
$ make

That should be it!

There is no need for installing it, you will find the executable in the traverso-x.x.x directory!
You can run by clicking with the mouse on it, or on the command line (with additional parameters):

$ bin/traverso

Help, something went wrong!

Are you really sure all the dependencies are available on your system, then look again to be even more sure that you have everything you need!

Still no luck? Then jump in on our forums and have a look if someone else had the same problem. If you can't find anything, open a new thread and explain your problem clearly including the libraries you used and their version, and the last couple of lines of compiler output.
There is also the Traverso user mailing list for general support.

Found a bug? Please use our bug-tracker and submit your problem (and possible solution) there!