xx-xx-2010 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
        * Released Traverso 0.xx.0

        * Audio Driver settings are stored in the project file now
        * JackDriver: no longer creates ports by default.
        * PortAudio driver: correctly detect available number of in/out channels.
        * Track splitted into three: Audio Track, Bus Track and Track.
        * Tracks can be moved up/down and individually be vertically resized
        * Track Manager dialog implemented: used for input/output (pre/post send) configuration
          as well as plugin management, renaming the Track, solo, mute etc...
        * New Track dialog takes driver in use into account. if Jack is the driver, it'll create
          the jack in/out ports, if the driver is a hardware driver, it shows the available
          capture/playback channels to choose from.
        * Track Finder added: used for quickly locating tracks.
        * VU meters added to Track headers. they monitor output by default, and input if the track
          is armed they can be aligned horizontally or vertically (see preferences dialog)
        * Basic routing infrastructure: input/output (pre/post send) routing to external
          ports/channels or internal from Audio Tracks to Bus Tracks.
        * Welcome screen added, moved open project dialog functionality into it
          as well as adding basic information to get/give help
        * Implemented layered browsing: browse with arrow keys to any object in the canvas, and
          start dispatching commands to it. This is complementary to using Traverso with the mouse
          as the pointing device, the difference is that the 'cursor' is now moved with the arrow
        * Moving speed for actions that move things, like [ D ], [ W ] and [ V ] by using the arrow
          keys can be set by using numerical input just before the action or during the action.

        * Keybinding changes/additions:
          - Move Playhead: [ V ] (both by mouse or arrow keys)
          - Move Work Cursor: [ W ] (both by mouse or arrow keys)
          - Playhead to Work cursor: [ V ] + W
          - Work cursor to Playhead: [ W ] + V
          - [ Z ] + arrow keys
          - [ Z ] + E : toggle expand tracks.
          - Add marker at work cursor: ALT+ < M >
          - toggle snap on /off: [ key fact that moves an object ] + S,
            example: move a clip would be [ D ] + S, moving the playhead would be [ V ] + S

        * New theme 'Parchment' by Alex!
        * New theme 'Cherry Blossom' by Zen!
        * Simple theme editor added to edit a theme at runtime. The edited theme will be stored in:

        * Keymap export improved: layout improved, hold type of actions are also added now
        * Help Widget added: it shows the key bindings for the pointed object, or a short introductory
          to the key bindings concept of T, or show the keybindings for a certain object.

        * The start of a 'mixer' sheet, which basically is the Project itself showing it's Bus Tracks.
          It can be used as a mixer for all sheets in the Project, global Buses so to speak
        * Each Sheet/Project can have any number of 'work views'. Work views can be used to
          display certain tracks from it's parent sheet/project so it'll be easier to compare
          only a few tracks in one view, instead of having to deal with all tracks in one view only!
        * Added a 'Sheet Tab' toolbar, with which it is easy to add new Sheets to your project,
          work views to the Sheets, adding tracks to sheets/work views. the toolbar can be placed
          virtually anywhere, either horizontally/vertically.

        Fixed bugs:
        * Fixes bug: #22305 focus problem?
        * Properly check for ARCH_X86_64 and enable sse support for it
        * Honor on project close properties 'save', 'ask', or 'don't save'
        * Correctly apply fades.
        * Likely a whole bunch more, and new ones added :)

        * Many more changes were made, most of them small ones, only the most important
          ones were added to this list.

10-08-2010 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
        * released Traverso 0.49.2

        * Cherry picked fixes from git:
        * Make Traverso work with Qt version >= 4.6.2
        * Correctly apply Fade In and Out curves.
        * compatibility with cmake 2.6.4

        * Spanish translation added, thanks to JC!

28-03-2009 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
        * Released Traverso 0.49.1

        * Changed ALSA device from "hw:0" to "default" (so the system configured one will be used!)
        * Move Magnetic Cut to [ R ] instead of [ XC ], fix integer overflow as well
        * Compile fixes when using system installed SLV2 lib
        * Various small fixes.

13-03-2009 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
    * Released Traverso 0.49.0
    ** Dependency changes:
    * Removed dependency and compile time option of QtOpenGL (libqt4-opengl-*)
    * Depends on Qt >= 4.3.1, slv2 >= 0.6.1 (unless the internal library is used)
    ** New Features:
    * Added Tranport Console, Toolbars for commonly used tools.
    * New Project Dialog improved, option to create an Empty project, or import
      a number of audiofiles in the to be created project.
    * Import Audio improved, multiple audio files can be imported at once.
    * Added option to paint 0 and -6dB lines on AudioClips
    * auto-numbering of markers. Closes bug #19734
    * Fixes for bug:  #21952, #22302, #19734
    * Updated the User Manual
    * AudioClip Selection - Add/remove clips to the selection. The Selection currently
      supports the following options: Move, Remove, Copy.
    * Add the 'default' alsa device to choose from in the Driver Preferences Page
    * Changed build system to cmake only
    * Zooming with [Z] only zooms horizontally now, use [Z] + mouse scroll wheel
      to also scroll vertically, or change zoom direction with [Z] + < V >
    * Use proper encoding for special chars like ë. Closes bug #25358
    * Shuttle moved back to original key. [Tab]
    * Implemented bug/wish: #19825
    * Implemented [DV] to move an AudioClip only vertically
    * Add language selection to the preferences dialog
    * bulgarian translation: 100% done, thanks a lot to Svetlin Staikov!
    * added czech translation, many thanks to Pavel Fric
    * French translation, thanks to Samuel Aubert
    * Debian Bugs: the following bugs are fixed: #505390, #480272, #495980
      merged all debian patches for 0.42.0-3

    * Added Fold Sheet/Track feature
    * Fixes and improvements all over the place, as well as new and shiny bugs added :)

10-12-2007 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
    * Released Traverso 0.42.0

03-12-2007 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
    * Reworked core and GUI code to work with Universal Sample Rate (TimeRef struct)
      instead of the samplerate dependend nframes_t
      This allows Traverso to mix files of different samplerate freely, making
      the samplerate of the audio as independend as the bitdepth of the audio.
    * Merged MonoReader and ReadSource into ReadSource
    * Audio data is store interleaved on hard disk now, in an attempt to improve
      hard disk bandwidth, and cpu usage, specially for compressed audio files.
    * Compile Traverso with large file support.
    * Calculate Peak data in a samplerate independend way (using 44.1 KHz as reference)
    * Added a "Restore Backup" solution, which stores the latest 1000 saves. Restoring
      a backup from the "Restore from Backup" dialog is very easy and fail save.
    * Auto save after a recording finished, since this this is likely a very important
      point in time to create a backup file
    * Added project converter to convert projects from Traverso < 0.42.0 to Traverso 0.42.0
    * Splitted Export/Burn to CD dialog into 2: Export Dialog and Write CD dialog
    * mmap peak data by using Qt 4.4 new mmap function, or if not compiled with Qt 4.4
      use our own code (which equals that of Qt 4.4)
    * More accurate Peak data calculation, improved and faster Waveform drawing.
    * Sync sse code to Ardour2's one, added Veclib optimizations (apple ppc only)
      check if processor has denormal as zero capabilities and use it if it's there.
    * Added support to compile Traverso with cmake. qmake still works, but the intention is
      to move to using cmake exclusively
    * Updated slv2 code to 0.3.0 (svn (7-11-2007)), added option to compile against system installed slv2
    * Adding and removing of audio processing objects is faster and even more Real Time save now.
    * Curve processing (e.g. Gain curve) is much faster now
    * Shuttle tuning.
    * Fixed bug in CD TOC export, sometimes resulting in no audio exported!
    * Added WAV64 as recording format.
    * Added 2 submenus to the Settings Menu:
        - Select recording encoding format, after selection the new recording will be recorded with
          the selected encoding
        - Select the resample quality, the new quality will be used directly. When changing the quality
          during playback or recording, a short sillence will occur vs no recording during a small amount
          of time (the time it takes to seek to the current + 'one buffer time' location)
    * Default to use 3 periods and a period size of 512 frames when using the ALSA driver.
    * Tons of bug fixes, old ones, new ones and various improvements all over the place.

03-12-2007 Nicola Doebelin
    * Created 3 new Themes
    * Updated the User Manual to 0.42.0 and translated to German
    * Updated German translation of the GUI
    * Some small improvements on the CD Burning Dialog and Marker Editor

03-12-2007 Ben Levitt
    * Created Abstraction for reading writing audio files
      Added support for native reading/writing to:
          - FLAC
          - Ogg Vorbis
          - WavPack
          - MP3
    * Created an Resampled Audio reader which is a wrapper for the available
      reader classes, and applies sample rate conversion on the read data.
    * Created GUI elements to select type and parameters of encoder in the Export Dialog.
    * Improvements and bugs fixes.

05-07-2007 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
    * Released 0.41.0

    * Merged patch from Fernando Lopez (iirc) to make jack > 0.105 work
    * Jack transport control added
    * AudioClip Edit dialog, with improvements from Nicola
    * Reworked external processing dialog, with focus on sox support
    * Slightly more contrast in the default theme.
    * Fixed audible glitch when playing over spitpoint
    * usual amount of bug fixes
    * support for project renaming, detection if project dirs are renamed outside of traverso
      improved detection if projects dirs are renamed, with tooltip help in open project dialog
      to be able to restore the project dir name, so the project can be loaded.

09-06-2007 Remon Sijrier <remon at traverso-daw dot org>
    * Released 0.40.0
    * Various improvements on the Input Engine
        Added mouse events support
        Cancel hold commands feature added
        Generally improved user experience
        Modifier keys, like in old fashioned 'shortcut' keys
        Modifer keys to be used _during_ a hold action, a list of options
        can be viewed _during_ the hold action, using either < Q > or right mouse button.
    * Command Plugin framework added, which can be used to extend Traverso's functionality,
      without having access to the core code!
    * Updated resourcesmanager, added Resources Bin view, with integrated File Viewer, which
      both support Drag and Drop to the Sheet
    * Template export for both Sheets and Project as a whole, create new Sheets or Projects
      from a template...
    * Driver support for PortAudio was added
    * New commands (like [ X ] for 'animated' split), and improvements on existing commmands
    * autoscroll 'move' actions when near the edge of the view.
    * Reduced memory footprint
    * AudioClips reflect gain curves.
    * Port to Microsoft Windows.
    * Many options added, which can be changed in an easy to use Settings Dialog
    * CD burning added, using cdrdao to burn the exported Project
    * Many usability improvements
    * Ported the SongView and related classes to QGraphicsView (Majore change!)
    * Major GUI refresh!
    * Traverso is fully themeable now.
    * Added HistoryView Widget, depends on QUndo framework
    * Created Plugin 'framework'.
    * LV2 plugin support has been added, using the Plugin 'framework'
    * Created AddRemove Command. This command wil be used by ALL
      "Audio Processing Objects". The objects are added/removed directly
      if the associated Song isn't running, else it's using Tsar's thread
      save add/remove functionality.
      The command (of course) also provides un/redo support!
    * Added a MenuBar to please non-guru users ;-)
    * Peak class 'rewrite' (again).
      Now peaks for all zoom levels are stored on hard disk, and ONLY loaded
      when needed, no pre-buffering anymore (which save a HUGE amount of runtime
      Peak files have a header with version information, and seek offsets to quickly
      seek to the correct zoomlevel.
      Normalization levels are stored in the peak file, as to quickly calculate the
      normalization factor for a certain range (results in instantanious normalization
      calculation !)
    * (Re)Added visual cursor feedback on Hold Actions.
    * Many more things I can't remember.....

09-06-2007 Ben Levitt
    * Countless usability enhancements
    * Countless fixes and improvements all over the place
    * CD burning support for Windows added
    * 'Cancel' support added to many Commands
    * New 'Import Silence' added
    * Improved snapping
    * TimeLine View shows time in logical steps now
    * Improvements on centering and following the playhead/work cursor.

09-06-2007 Nicola Doebelin
    * Correlation and Spectrum Meter added
    * TOC export for cd burning
    * (CD) Markers added
    * User Manual
    * CD Marker Dialog to edit Marker data
    * Port to Mac OS X
    * Fade's are a Curve class now, with a strength and bend value to calculate the shape
    * VUMeter 'rewrite', conform the IEC 268-18:1995 standard
    * More things I can't remember.....

19-08-2006 Remon Sijrier <>
    * Released 0.30.1
    * Fixed 2 possible crash bugs.
    * Added "merged waveform drawing for stereo tracks"
    * Snapping improved considerably!
    * Traverso builds on Mac OS X now!
    * Fix clip normalization, scans only the Clips source range
    * Move the AudioClip during move visually again to the targetTrack!
    * Solo/Mute improvements
    * Sync audioclip readsource buffers to first point of use in case the
      sync position of a seek isn't in the range of the audioclip!
      Fixes bug #16919

05-07-2006 Remon Sijrier <>
    * Released 0.30.0
    * Added a "select project dir" in Project manager view.
    * Correctly set AudioClip track start/end frame at startup.
    * Fixed project render progress indication for long Songs (> 16 minutes)
    * Don't load/set a newly created Project, so the SongView of the current loaded
      project will still be accessible!
    * Fixed issues with solo-stereo AudioClips in one Track.
    * Make pan work for solo AudioClips as well.
    * Made fadeout adjustment follow the mouse which is more natural.
    * Added "Draw Rectified Wave" radiobutton in Settings View.
    * A number of crashing fixes.
    * Some more (important) stuff I don't remember ;-)

16-06-2006 Remon Sijrier <>
    * Released 0.30.0-rc1
    * Fixed a memory corruption bug which caused the computer to halt when the Jack driver
      was running on Project export.
    * Fixed bug where audioclip edges were set at the wrong position on AudioClip split.
    * Fixed AudioClip drag, sometimes the AudioClip got duplicated in one of the Tracks.
    * Fixed solo-mute bug, sometimes the AudioClip got silenced after Track solo-mute state change,
      where it should not.
    * Correctly calculate the Song render start and end frame.
    * Added (de)normalization for AudioClips

23-05-2006 Remon Sijrier <>
    * Released 0.29.0
    All changes below are from the fork until the release of 0.29.0
    * Fully seperated the GUI from the core code. Core code is a library, named libtraversocore
    * Ported to Qt4, no Qt3 Support is needed.
    * The application links statically to libtraversocore, and has all resource files compiled in,
        so no install is needed (makes testing builds much more comfortable)
    * Reimplemented the audio rendering, and driver backends.
        This means:
        - Support for Jack, and much better support for ALSA.
        - Normalized bitdepth (32 bit float), making bitdepth transparent throughout the application.
        - Using libsndfile for audio reading/writing, resulting in much more stable audio file
            read/writes and more audio formats are supported transparently, including FLAC
        - Audio file read/writes are decoupled from the audio thread with lockless ringbuffers
            greatly improving (soft) realtime behaviour.
    * Fade In/Out improved. Fade's are Curves now, with a number of presets.
    * Removed hard coded "Keyboard Shortcuts" code, replaced with scripting functionallity provided
        by Qt. Key shortcuts are stored in an xml file now, and can be reloaded at runtime!
    * Project rendering improved due use of libsndfile. Export to a number of audio formats, including
        samplerate conversion is possible.
    * Runtime switching to Jack/ALSA/Null driver supported, including setting a new samplerate and/or
        latency. It's inavitable that changing the driver or driver parameters will cause a short
        sound drop in case the application is playing/recording.
    * History implemented (a.k.a. Un/Redo).
    * Contextual Menu's.
    * Drag and Drop Audiofiles into any Track, or manually Import audiofiles.
    * Audio Waveform drawing improved, 2 modes are possible, "Classic View" and "Rectified View".
    * Improved "Help" Dialog, with a short introduction on how to use the application.
    * Indication of total CPU _time_ spend in both the audio thread and hard disk I/O thread.
    * Massive code cleaning, and adoption of one coding style.
    * Better Object Oriented Design, better information encapsulation using Qt signal/slot feature.
    * More "minor" things I don't remember ;-)

2005-09-13 Remon Sijrier <>
    The author of the Protux/libmustux project decided to cancel my participation in the mustux project.
    I decided to fork the project, any help is of course welcome :-)